Rise & Shine in 90

Dear Brethren Station Masters, Executives in Branch, Division & Zone,

With your will and wish the CEC in JAIPUR turned out to be euphoric. Of course there is a reason for our jubilation; in the Indian trade union history, AISMA had made milestone of Condoning the Break in Service, purely on Trade Union Movement. All the credit goes to Station Masters who rally behind AISMA and imposed their confidence on esteem Trade Union AISMA. In reality, Jaipur CEC Meeting held on 1st April 2014, analyzed to conclude that still many Zones/ Divisions/Branches need to strengthen their activities and rejuvenate their present status.

One of the CEC's decisions is to observe 90 days for organisational strengthening from 10th April to 8th July 2014 and is captioned as "Rise and Shine in 90 days". During this period we expect to,

 Carry out the Membership 2014,
 Conduct the AGMs and BGMs wherever due, with proper written report and Audited Financial Statement,
 Conduct regular periodical meetings, i.e. DECM once a month and ZECM once in 3 months,
 Meet the SMs in person and interact with them of their grievances and discuss the way and means duly involving them,
 Apprise the formation of the 7th CPC and obtain their specific views if any,
 Most importantly create a sense of confidence with Association AISMA and
 Collect the date base of all the SMs in your jurisdiction for conveying updated information instantly through emails, SMS etc.,

Ultimately it's not a programme to make them to learn about AISMA, rather it is a programme to make SMs to understand AISMA.

Dear brethren Station Masters, when the CEC has decided to observe 90 days as organizational period, I rationalized earlier thinking , Children's Exam, Summer Family vacation, Admission etc., How my executives in Branch, Division, and Zones are going to manage. On analyzing I thought, with almost 1/3 of the day lost in sleep and rest, another 8 hours in our Duty, another 3 hours on the daily chores, and then some time for the TV, social etc.; so what are we left in 24 hours? And whatever time that is left is consumed by the day-to-day urgencies, deadlines and other imposed priorities. End of day ‘what is important' never gets done and urgency always prevails over what is important. From General Manager to Gang Man, everybody has only 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. Unless we get the best out of our life, we cannot get the best in our life. Leadership in life is to time management in success. We, the Station Masters and specially the Executives of the premier trade Union AISMA are Chancellors, Yes! We will prove, we are even Masters of Time.

Come, let's move radically and show the world nothing is impossible for the AISMEN. Our assignment is to make the cadre UNDERSTAND, sure, you will, sorry WE WILL. Wishing you more and most ....of ‘Rise and Shine n 90 days'.

Fraternally Yours,

Central President



New Delhi,
Regd. No : NDD-09.

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