The 1st CECM commenced at 15.30 hrs on 21.01.2017 with observing 02” silence as homage to those who laid down their lives for the working class.

Central President Shri R K Unni Krishnan, addressed the meeting and stressed on following issues :

  1. It needs to be ensured that periodical meetings are conducted at Branch, Division and Zonal levels.
  2. AISMA diaries are ready and being distributed. Zones to ensure collection, prompt distribution to divisions and timely remittance of amount due to Publication department.
  3. “Samachar” out standings, to be cleared on priority for efficient functioning of Publication department.
  4. Associations official website to be upgraded and made more impressive.
  5. Revitalize weaker zones like, ECoR, NFR, SECR.
  6. As the association has obtained Income Tax exemption under Sec 80 G, Charity works to be organized.

Thereafter, Central President called for Reports of General Secretaries. GS/ C.Rly, ZSF/ E.C.Rly, ZSF/ N.Rly, COB/ N.C.Rly, COB/ N.E.Rly, COB/ N.W.Rly, GS/ S.Rly, GS/ S.E.Rly, ZSF/ S.C.Rly, GS/ S.W.Rly, GS/ W.Rly, ZWP/ W.C.Rly submitted their reports. There were no representation from E.Rly, E.Co.Rly, N.F.Rly and S.E.C.Rly

Secretary General, Sri. Dhananjay Chandratre and Central Secretary - Finance Sri. Samanand Sagar tabled their written report. CSF submitted audited balance sheet for year ending 2016. SG and CSF reports were approved by the house.

The following resolutions were passed unanimously:

1. Membership outstanding for 2016 and earlier shall be cleared by all zones within next 10 days, i.e. before 10.02.2017 and no enrolment for 2016 shall be done. Thereafter 2016 account will be permanently closed.
2. Receipt books for Membership-2017 will be supplied before 28th February, 2017. Membership collection will be closed by 30th June and record membership collection to be achieved during 2017.
3. Membership receipt book will be dispatched to Zonal Secretary- Finance only.The account of Membership along with list of Members and Central quota will be submitted by ZSF.
4. There was a suggestion to print separate receipt books, one exclusively for membership and separate for Miscellaneous account. It was decided to continue with existing pattern of Receipt book for 2017 and during next CEC any required changes will be finalized.
5. Account of Donation coupons will be jointly operated by CSF. Collection in this regard, with Branches/ Divisions/ Zones, to be deposited in official account, at Mumbai, before 30th April, 2017. Collection will be continued till Rs. 1 Crore is achieved.
6. CSF requested for appointment of Assistant Secretary Finance, to assist him. Shri Prasanna from S.W.Rly was elected as ASF.
7. Distribution of AISMA Samachar :
    a) Hereafter, AISMA Samachar will be distributed to one single location of each zone.
    b) Measures to be adopted to reduce printing cost. CEC to initiate for registration
   under Newspaper Society of India, to procure printing paper at subsidized rates.
    c) Obtaining advertisements for AISMA Samachar to be explored.
    d) General Secretaries will be final authority for printing of photographs in AISMA Samachar.
    e) Color page restricted to front and middle page total 8 Pages only.
    f) Printing Cost to be reduced immediately.
8. Election of Advisory Committee :As agreed in KOTA-CBGM, Advisory Committee was elected as under :
    1. Sothern Zone : Shri U. John Vincent Kumar
    2. Central Zone : Shri P. K. Das
    3. Northern Zone : Will be decided in next CEC.
    4. Eastern Zone : Will be decided in next CEC.
All these members of Advisory committee will be Ex Officio CEC Members and Shri U John Vincent Kumar will be Chairman, Advisory Committee.
9. Safety Seminars/ Meetings shall be conducted at all levels and report to be submitted to CEC. Involvement of Railway Officials to be ensured in all such Seminars/ meetings.
10. Training Camps/ Study Classes to be conducted at all levels with report to CEC.
11. AISMA official website to be upgraded at the earliest.
12. AISMA constitution will be supplied during next CEC.
13. Next CEC will be held at Jhansi/ Allahabad of NCR , which will be informed in due course of time.

Vote of Thanks was delivered by Shri Dhananjay Chandratre, Secretary General.