The 6th Online CEC Meeting of AISMA held on 14/06/20 
On 28-6-20 we conducted 6th Online CEC MeetingThere was some connectivity problem before commencing and at the endThe Meeting was attended by all Zones except ECR, NR,NCR, SER & SECR

The Meeting started at 10.45 hours  paying homage to martyrdoms of the 20 great brothers in the Galwan valley and Shri BN Jha SM of AGC division in NCR who died due to Corona

Then SG welcomed the attendees and briefed about the lastMeeting's Decisions and the follow up actionsHe thanked and appreciated all the members for the grand success of our 'Wearing the Black Ribbon and Postcard Campaign' to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

He also briefed about the Membership Drive and congratulated BVP division of WR who had done it with ?Percentage and  gave a complete report of Membership Drives, LTC, MACP, Multiskilling and Cadre Merging etc and how the Association is going during this period

He narrated  the latest developments including the recent issues.Then CP managed the meeting and he briefed the latest issues and stated that Division to concentrate to complete the Membership Driveand implementation of MACP in all Levels.

He stressed that every body to workhard and to complete Membership Drive in the next few days Then the General Secretaries presented their reports and after that  Central Finance Secretary briefed the financial position and changing BOB Account to Bangalore,Membership of  2019 because some of the Divisions are still found having due for paying and the list.

Some Divisions have not returned the balance books to CSF etcThe General Secretaries stated in their respectiver eports that all the Zones have started Membership Drive and they demanded to extend the time period to  two weeksmore. Postcard Campaign and Black Ribbon were success with almost all the SMs participating in the program

MACP is found Implemented in some Divisions and Some ofthe Divisions have started in all Levels and instructed others to pressurise the DPO Offices and follow up to see that it is implemented in accordance with the order of Railway Board and to complete it within the month of July itself

The Dy.CSF elobrated the detailed the Membership-2019 default divisions and CP & SG to pursueTaking the views of the Retired SMs thro the D'AISMANs-S(the official AISMA Retired SMs Group of Southern region),  it was decided to form Retired SMs Group in East, North and West,  to assist them.

CEC also discussed all the issues and the members participated actively and shared their suggestionsDecisions and resolutions?(1) The membership drive is to be completed on or before15th July and  honouring will take place only after the submission of Membership List and remittance of Quota amount  (2)

All COBs, ZOBs, DOBs, BOBs and activists are to concerntrate on their respective branches, divisions and zone and to achieve ? percentage membership in 2020 (3) Indent and advance for Dairy 2021 to be submitted and amount remitted to Publication Account before 31st July 2020(4)

Regarding Group Insurance to SMs, all the Divisionsto discuss the matter in the DEC and take appropriate  decision in the Divisional Level(4)

On 6th July from 00.00 hours to 23.59 hours to observe the day as "Tribute Day" (Shraddhanjali Din) and all SMs are to light candle on the same day inrememberance of Shri BN Jha, SM of AGC division who died  due to Corona virus (The portrait of Late.BNJaw will be posted in CEC Group)

And the CEC also decided to contribute Rs.1Lakh to grieved family on that day and AGC division is to make  necessary arrangements(5)To fill up all the vacancies at the earliest and thevacancy position has increased alarmingly  and the SMs are workingwith out rest and Leave(6)

The active members of SCR to form an ad-hoc Zonal bodyat the earliest and cordinate the functions of Zonal and Divisional bodies(7)To revitalise the NCR Zonal body and the CEC deputed Sri Thirath Singh to cordinate(8)The MACP beneficiaries to donate liberally and minimum 5000/- or more to Association Special Fund

The percentage distribution is 50:20:20:10 to Central,Zonal, Divisional and Branch levels(9) On the request of Rtd SMs CEC,  to approach Railway Board to settle the  anomaly of MACP who retired after 01/01/2016and other issues related to them (10) To stop illegal deduction  from the retired SM on ac of MACP cases

The Next Online CEC Meeting will be on Sunday, the 12thJuly at 10.30 Hours with same App and codeSG /CEC/ AISMA